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That is a very important question and just like every profession, there are specific areas that professionals decide to focus all of their efforts in. You would not want to necessarily go see your Cardiologist when you're having problems with your eyes, would you? The same with photographers. As we grow into the artist we are with years of refinement, most of us find where our calling is and focus all of our time, investments, and efforts in those specific areas! Newborn photography is one of those very specific and defined areas!

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The main focus as a newborn specialist is always safety! We will never sacrifice the safely of our tiny little client to get "that shot" even if that means spending the extra time during the editing time putting pictures together in a process called Compositing. Every session is different and a specialist uses their knowledge and training to judge every pose and make them the absolute safest for every baby and every situation. Only a specialist will know how to safely get every image. As a specialist I have taken hundreds of hours of safety courses and classes, mentorships, and thousands of hours of focused practice to become an expert at my trade and to perfect the soothing, handling, and posing of my most precious and tiny clients. 

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Along with the hundreds of hours spent on learning the handling and posing part of our trade, newborn specialists spend an equal amount of time investing in learning how to produce the high quality and timeless images we all love. We do this through not only using the right equipment, lighting, and countless numbers of props, wraps, and soft heavenly layers, but through professional editing of our images and that beautiful silky skin that does not always come into this world so picture perfect! Most newborns around day 5 break out with "baby acne" and have blotchy and red patchy areas. Newborn skin takes a completely different editing process then any other kind of skin a photographer encounters and each baby is so different that the editor has had to adapt their skills differently for the need of each image. Not only does the skin take a refined skill but the overall beauty of the finished artwork is an invested hand-editing skill that has been perfected over years.

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...there are many other reasons we could touch on but one of the most important ones to our clients is that your new sweet baby is only this little once and that tiny newborn stage only lasts for that first 2-3 weeks of their life.

There are only a few photography sessions that you would never be able to "re-do" or get the moment back to re-produce the images if you were disappointed with them. Your wedding day being one of them, and then the birth and precious newborn stage of your sweet baby is the other. You will cherish these image for years to come and they will become part of your legacy! Contact us today to set up a time to come by and see the studio or to book your session!

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"As a student of photography I've presently been fascinated with methods and mannerisms meant for drawing out the best from a soul before the lens. Aven Willow Portraits has mastered this technique! As a professional model, my wife, Rachelle has been photographed extensively over the years, but only one other photographer has drawn so much of her beauty and essence into their images as Jodie has done. If you want to have your best self from both within and without to beam from your portraits, make an appointment for an experience at Aven Willow Portraits."


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