Jodie Jolley

International award winning and published portrait photographer.

award winning photographer

I am absolutely excited every time I win an award but not just for my own dedication and accomplishment. More importantly, because of the gratitude I hold inside of myself. That I get to be part of YOUR journey.

Loving yourself is so important and I am incredibly touched by all of the women and individuals that I have the honor of photographing. I watch a lot of them blossom and allow themselves to finally release their beautiful self-value into the mirror. That thing called self-love and care that has been hidden in a box, up on the shelf, set aside from themselves for maybe years. Seeing a woman go through this beautiful experience and come to an awakening of AWE towards herself is what my Journey is about. It changes the way she feels, lives, and sees her own value and how she loves herself for the rest of her life. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my own life. We have sure grown together and it has been  breathtaking.

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Robert Remington

"As a student of photography I've presently been fascinated with methods and mannerisms meant for drawing out the best from a soul before the lens. Aven Willow Portraits has mastered this technique! As a professional model, my wife, Rachelle has been photographed extensively over the years, but only one other photographer has drawn so much of her beauty and essence into their images as Jodie has done. If you want to have your best self from both within and without to beam from your portraits, make an appointment for an experience at Aven Willow Portraits."


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