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Hello Beautiful! I am Jodie Jolley and the Portrait Artist behind Aven Willow Portraits. I have been photographing women for over 10 years and I want to invite you to come and experience a Luxury portrait session that you will never forget.

I want you to feel how incredible you are and I want you to really see and reconnect with the woman in your portraits. I believe that you will find this when viewing yourself in a beautifully artistic way. A way of self-love and appreciation that maybe has been lost along the way. When was the last time you looked at a portrait of yourself and felt inspired, empowered, and in awe?


Let me do that for you. Let me take the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself, so that you can look at yourself in a beautiful new way. So that you can see for yourself what I see in you, and so that you can believe it. At our studio,

Luxury experience meets Luxury portraits and you are the Champagne!




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Will believes in capturing all moments of the incredible Luxury experience that our clients have at Aven Willow Portraits. His beautiful behind the scenes videos capture your incredible day, the beautiful moments that make your experience perfectly unique, and make a timeless memory that can be re-watched, re-enjoyed, and beautifully remembered for years to come.

Will is also the creator of our Aven Willow's Legacy Foundation which strives to uplift and enhance women's and family lives through the power of self-value and service.

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