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Model of the Month

We are faced with so many pressures in our lives today that we wanted to give our littlest clients a way to feel confident and empowered, and to give them a way to see themselves as the shining star they are!

Each month we will select one little client to receive a complimentary session fee and help them experience themselves in a beautiful and creative way! These sessions are always very special so we highly recommend purchasing one of our hand painted art pieces to show your little one how incredible they truly are!

model of the month texas
custom wall art photography texas
model of the month mother daughter texas

What You'll Receive?


      * $450 Session Fee Complimentary

       * Makeover for your child (Hair & Makeup)

       * Complete stylized session & dresses

       * A reveal appointment where you will view all of your gorgeous portraits

       * Option to include you or your family

How Much Does It Cost?


      * Our portraits and artwork are purchased separately and are not included in the                     model of the month complimentary session fee.

       * We require a $1000 deposit to hold your spot for this session that will get credited                     back to you at your reveal appointment.

       * Wall portraits start at $375. Collections start at $1800


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