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It's time to party, tween style!

It's no secret that, what feels like in the blink of an eye, your girl is growing up!

 This is such a special time in our girls' lives as they are growing and experiencing life in a whole new way. With all of the changes happening and all of the changes she will face in the short upcoming years, we wanted to help celebrate that special time and help her navigate self-care in an age appropriate way!


Beginning Skin Care!


      With the internet and YouTube teaching our young girls about beauty, we wanted to provide a royal treatment for our tween girls to really learn the right way to start caring for their beautiful skin! We all know what lies ahead in the teen years and how their skin will change, so it's a wonderful time for them to start learning the basic skills to help navigate them through the changes! All skin products we will use at our spa party are natural and botanical so that they are soft on all sensitive skin types and perfect for this age!

Age Appropriate Makeup!


     At Aven Willow Portraits we are known for our glamour and we know how much this age group loves it all! We want to help teach this sweet age group how to dive into the makeup world in a very beautiful age appropriate way so that both you and her are having fun with her new found desire to know more about makeup! We will be using powder, light eyeshadows, and lip-glosses to help her feel like a budding princess and help you feel like she is still your little girl!

Treats & Goodie Bags!


    At our beautiful spa party, we will end with sharing friendship giggles and yummy cupcakes. She will also receive a goodie bag to take home from her spa experience at the studio!


girl spa party


March 29th
5:00pm - 7:30pm


Aven Willow Portraits
407 E. Louisiana St., Suite 105
McKinney, TX 75069

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