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This is Brooklyn. She is an incredibly fun and strong spirited young woman. She is unmovable and full of love. She is also a sex trafficking survivor at the young age of 15.

We are honored to have started the Value in Me Foundation which has partnered with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) to give these strong survivors a beautiful gift of self-value. My studio team along with the many other volunteers worldwide work with selected young woman to help them through the re-discovery process of self value and love of their bodies after they have been rescued from these traumatic events in their lives.

Operation Underground Railroad in the past five years of existence has rescued2,800 sex trafficking victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 1,500 traffickers around the world.

This sweet girl was sold by her own mother at the age of 12 to a man who posed as a modeling photographer. Talk about hitting home. When she arrived for her session at my studio, she was glowing and visibly shaking from the excitement. By the end of the session, Brooklyn, her gaurdian, and myself all cried and hugged for what seemed like forever.

Here at Aven Willow Studios we are deeply honored to have such a beautiful gift to give. The volunteers donate their time and talents but we are always in need of generous donations and sponsers to help provide the beautiful fine art products to these incredibly strong young women. Seeing yourself up in your home in beautiful print is proven to increase self-value and confidence up to 60% due to the digital world we now live in. It's not only about the expereience they have at the studio with all of the glamourous gowns, beauty professionals, and magazine model productions. It's about giving them something that they can see every day, re-live the experience that was about honoring them, and gain a deeper sense of self-value at the days and years go by in their recovery process. 

Please consider being part of this incredible gift by Donating.

All of the girls receive a beautiful 11x14 white leather window front folio box filled with archival matted portraits from their session, along with a beautifully framed mounted wall portrait.

For more information please contact us at: 801-210-9209

To Donate please follow the link below:


If you are a volunteer wanting to be part of Value in Me Foundation, please submit the form below.

Thank you!

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